It is a Saturday and you are at home, with your appointments for the day all cancelled at the last minute. How would you react?

Every single time I found myself in such a situation, I would go into panic mode. Anxiety would kick in. What do I do with my free time?! This is unusual. Is there something wrong with me? Why did my appointments have to get cancelled? Am I boring, why can’t I think of anything interesting to do?

The most philosophical question in the midst of my anxiety: am I living my life well?

In this…

My mother and I.

It has been a decade since my mother last cooked a proper meal for the family. I have lost count the number of times I have pleaded to eat her homecooked food, but she was often too exhausted after work or her knees would hurt too much to stand for long hours. She also has high standards of hygiene, which meant she would either go all out to ensure that the kitchen was sparkling clean (and no, we were not allowed to step into the kitchen to help), or she would not cook anything at all. …

Shannen Ho

“Could there be a more wonderful story than your own?” — Nichiren Daishonin

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